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Yes! The process is complete safe. Nothing we do together will have any negative effects on you of any sort. We will be entirely focused on helping your goal of quitting smoking be increasingly possible and easy for you. All that we do, safely and comfortably, allows your mind to detach from the old associations you had to smoking so that you can think very differently about it. 

The process is simple yet highly effective. You will come for two sessions face to face with me where we will activate positive processes in your mind that help you release smoking and become a free non-smoker. Besides the sessions I will provide you with a few audio and video links to enjoy and benefit from. You simply need to follow the instructions and…enjoy. It’s simple and you absolutely CAN do it. 

No. What you do need is a good strong desire to stop smoking and a sense that you really have had enough of it. If you have reached the point where smoking seems to have less gain for you than nuisance, cost and potential pain, then it’s not a matter of will power. We will work effectively together to bring you to a point where stopping smoking in a ‘no-brainer’. 

From my understanding, many practitioners will only help clients who feel extremely ready to stop. I personally think that almost everyone who stops smoking has some level of uncertainty of whether they can AND some ambivalence about whether they really want to. This is why I have created ‘The Complete Way’. My approach offers you a system which takes you from wanting to stop but with some ambivalence, to being completely free in your mind. Our job is to have you think about smoking very differently so that you simply don’t want to anymore.     

You should expect the process to help you and work for you, as long as you work it! Just like going to the gym. The gym works…..if you use it. If you take the approach of hoping something will do it all for you, then you can’t expect great results. A bit like learning a language, if you take responsability for the results and fully participate, then you will get the result.    

We will be applying an effective combination of techniques. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps to change automatic patterns of thinking and response. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps relieve or reduce feelings of stress and tension and can be used to dissolve cravings. Finally Hypnotherapy bypasses conscious restrictive thinking and appeals to the unconscious mind. It allows us to have an effect of accelerated learning and change, so that very quickly you can start thinking and feeling different about smoking.  

The sessions will be at my practice in Milton Keynes (see location page) or we can do them online by video conference. 

(See a map and the address below.) 

From my experience, this varies person to person. Some people report that they just felt completely free and had no cravings. Others say they did for a short while before they went completely and they were fine. 

If you do, it’s important to realise that these sensations are your body rebalancing out of a nicontine system. Your body will be healing and all toxins will be released as your lungs start clearing.  

You won’t stop smoking until the evening before the second face to face session. You don’t need to cut down either. On the evening before the second session, have your last cigarette and then discard any remaining packets, lighters, ashtrays and anything else connected with it. You won’t be needing them anymore.  

Yes. Once we have done the full process and so long as you have followed it fully and committed yourself, you will be a non-smoker. 

With ‘The Complete Way’ you get two face to face session of 1.5 hours. I do it this way because I find it works best. The first session allows us to build a sense of team work and understanding and answer any remaining questions you may have. We start to apply techniques that begin to loosen the old patterns around smoking. By the time we do the second session, most clients are feeling really comfortable with the process and are familiar with a state of Hypnosis. This allows them to really go with the process and feel fully supported. 

‘The Complete Way’ is about providing a thorough and complete process for smoking cessation. With two sessions we have the time to do a really good job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the use of a hypnotic state to make wanted changes. Hypnosis (or what’s sometimes called ‘Trance’) is a natural state of mind. In Hypnosis, our conscious mind quietens and is less interfering, which means our unconscious mind can process better.  It’s really nature’s learning state that we go into in order to learn faster or safely make changes in our habits, behaviours and beliefs.

Many people mistakenly think it’s a state where we lose control, but quite the opposite is true. Even though it’s a state where we can feel really relaxed, our mind is actually super-focused and able to process information and consolidate new learnings quicker than in any other state.   

Hypnotherapy is completely safe because, in a state of Hypnosis, all of safety mechanisms are still in place. For example; it’s your unconscious mind that detects the danger of a speeding car coming and makes you jump out of the road fast. It’s your unconscious mind that gives you signals and feelings that you may be in danger at any time anyway. Your unconscious mind is super smart and it’s the part that looks out for you at all times. If a Hypnotherapist was to say anything inappropriate or wrong then your mind would be alerted and you would snap to…as such! 

Hypnotherapy is a co-operative process. And, during it, you will hear and remember as much as you do in a normal conversation. You will not be ‘un-conscious’, you will be relaxed.    

No. And here’s the concern that so many people have. Due to stage shows and the old entertainment versions of Hypnosis, many people THINK that the Hypnotist controls the person. Not so! The person themselves is going along with the Hypnotists requests. They are highly co-operative, and by the time we see them, the Hypnotist has tested them and got them responding freely to them. They can at any time break that co-opertive loop and not do the asked response. But part of the Stage Hypnotist’s skill is choosing a person who most wants to go along with it and be highly co-operative for the sake of a good show. 


No-one can force you into a trance, but when you are happy to work co-operatively, then they can FACILITATE a process where YOU take YOURSELF into that state.  

Hypnotherapy is extremely useful in helping someone to start thinking and feeling differently about smoking. This is because it’s our unconscious mind that preserves habits and behaviours that have been conditioned. Hypnotherapy is a process of quieting the conscious mind so that we can communicate effectively with the unconscious mind.

The impulses that cause you to feel the desire to smoke happen automatically. Hypnotherapy allows us to communicate with the unconscious mind to change those old impulses and divert them into a different response. 

Hypnosis is like a daydream state. You are likely to feel physically relaxed and like you don’t care to analyse or criticise the words and ideas. 

You might not realise it, but you go into Hypnosis every day at certain moments where you want to remember something from the past or imagine something that could happen in the future. We go into Hypnosis when we watch a great film and we lose track of time as our attention becomes absorbed. Another example is when driving and thinking about other things and then we suddenly realise we have arrived home. These are all hypnotic states that we go into frequently. We do this to analyse information, make decisions and create useful meanings and associations between things. We rehearse life ahead of time to best prepare for upcoming events and interactions. We go into hypnosis to engage our creativity and find solutions to problems.   

No, we don’t get Hypnosis wrong. The only thing we could do which is counter-productive, is not co-operate with the process. If you follow the instructions given by your Hypnotherapist, you will naturally transition into Hypnosis and your mind will process the information naturally and perfectly. 

It’s when we have misconceptions about what Hypnosis is and we don’t trust it that we stop it from helping us. This is why it’s so important to take a little time to undertsand the truth and what it actually is. And so, since you’re reading this, congratulate yourself because you have now taken that time to learn what Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis really is. You’re probably ready to do very well and be co-operative in applying a very effective process to help you become a free non-smoker. If you have any more questions, please call me on 0208 991 9805 so that we can have a great conversation.  

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    What is The Complete Way?

    In a nutshell….The Complete Way is a thorough, yet speedy process which helps you to stop smoking. Using a combination of effective methods, James Brannan will help you to:

    • Become more ready to stop
    • Feel more motivated to stop
    • Disconnect from old desires to smoke
    • Relieve cravings quickly and easily
    • To think very differently about smoking
    • Activate the processes needed to stop for good

    Once done, you will have in place the psychology of a non-smoker. It will be more easy and natural for you to free yourself from smoking and feel great about it.

    Realise, if millions of other people have stopped smoking…you can!