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An effective, personal service to help you stop smoking for good.

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2 Sessions of 1.5 hours, in person at my center in Ealing or by video conference online if preferred.


These carefully crafted recordings integrate with what we do in our sessions together to enhance their effect even more.


Videos guiding you through powerful techniques that help you quickly relieve any cravings and feel good again.


You can come back to me free of charge and unlimited times, anytime within 10 years if needed! 

Watch this interview which explains all about Hypnotherapy and how and why it works.

No pressure or obligations ever, let’s just have a good phone chat where you can ask me any questions and decide what’s right for you. 

    What is The Complete Way?

    In a nutshell….The Complete Way is a thorough, yet speedy process which helps you to stop smoking. Using a combination of effective methods, James Brannan will help you to:

    • Become more ready to stop
    • Feel more motivated to stop
    • Disconnect from old desires to smoke
    • Relieve cravings quickly and easily
    • To think very differently about smoking
    • Activate the processes needed to stop for good

    Once done, you will have in place the psychology of a non-smoker. It will be more easy and natural for you to free yourself from smoking and feel great about it.

    Realise, if millions of other people have stopped smoking…you can!